Thursday, 14 June 2007


It seems a long time ago now that we were over on the ‘other side’ and I was vowing never to blog again because of the bad taste the whole experience with CL had left.

However here I am blogging my little heart out in My Orange Man Blog. And now I take another step in getting my life back on track by actually blogging something NEW (instead of re-gurgitated stuff) in my Diary of a Country Bumpkin Blog! You never know Chicken Licken may come out of retirement at some point. Maybe as the Orange Man Blog develops and I can put some issues to ‘rest, ’ the two will meet...

And it is all testament to Purple Coo and all those who are part of this wonderful, warm, funny compassionate site.. I am so glad to be part of it, and continue to marvel at how we have all touched each others lives in so many ways. Thank you all for your interest and support and giving me the confidence to continue...

Now, before I get all sentimental and carried away, there is work to be done!! As always I am task driven and highly motivated once I get an idea in my head. I can’t remember now how it all came about-I think Mousie started it when she ordered a bag for the Heiress and people saw what I created. In any event there was a suggestion that maybe I could come up with something ‘purple, ’... and so was born the Purple Coo Bag ideas. Before I knew it one thing led to another and my creative juices were flowing. The next idea was for carrier bag tidies and fun wording, “Old Bags,”; then I thought of cow fun fabric; someone asked about a ‘Shopper Bag’...

And so, having received lots of lovely comments and positive feedback we have a whole range of Purple Coo items, available to order. I am of course very grateful for any orders I receive, although it was never my intention to ‘exploit’ blogging for my little craft business. I was looking for a new direction with my business a few months ago and even considered changing my business name to Country Craft Angel, so I think some of the positive responses have helped me see which way I would like to go now. Because of my ill health I will never be business woman of the year-this is more like a hobby; something to keep my brain alive, my hands working and meeting nice people. My prices therefore here are ‘mates rates.’ I am covering my costs and making a bit of pin money and am just so pleased to have a nice project to do helping to advertise PURPLECOO as well as uniting everyone with merchandise and giving an even stronger sense of belonging....


-All items made from a thick, quality fun fabric with 'pile/texture' and fressian cow print.

Large Bag £10.50 each+£2.50 P&P
Standard Bag £7.50 each+ £2.50 P&P
Carrier Bag Tidy £3.95 each + £1.00 P&P
Door Stop (unfilled) £10.00 each+£1.50 P&P

Made from thick woven cotton purple gingham fabric. Lettering and letter plate are appliqued in felt by bondaweb and hand sewn finishing.

Large Bag £10.50 each+£2.50 P&P
Standard Bag £7.50 each+£2.50 P&P
Carrier Bag Tidy £3.95 each+ £1.00 P&P
Door Stop (unfilled) £10.00 each+£1.50 P&P


-Made from crushed velvet and lined with purple viscose lining and an organza ribbon drawstring.

Large Bag £11.50 each+£2.50 P&P
Standard Bag £8.50 each+£2.50 P&P


A heavy duty Canvas Shopper style Bag with long handles.

Cream coloured heighy weight canvas.
Lettering appliqued in purple canvas or felt (TBC)

SHOPPER (approx 43cm x38cm ) £5.50 each + £1.50 P&P



Large Bags measure approx 48cm x 60cm (Laundry Bag Size)
Standard Bags measure approx 35cm x 45cm (PE Kit/Gym Shoe Bag Size)
Door Stops measure approx 16cm x 14 cm.
Carrier Bag Tidy's measure approx 19cm x 45cm.

Please note Door Stops are supplied unfilled due to weight/high postage costs. Simply fill with approx 2-3kg of cheap rice +/or beans (not sand as this stains fabric)
All items are individually made and not mass produced. Therefore if you require any item to be personalised or wish for alternative wording, just advise when ordering.

All Items are all double stitched for added strength and are completely washable.

Please either leave a note in the comments box of this blog or E-mail me direct with details of which product (s) and choice of designs.

My business E-mail is:-

Because every item is individually made please allow me up to 21 days for orders to be completed and up to 28 days for busier times.

I will however always endeavour to meet any deadlines or special dates you may need your order for. Just let me know at ordering and I’ll do my best.

I also give my assurance to keep you updated on progress of customers order throughout. As soon as I can I will give an estimated date of completion.

Delivery will be by 1st class post.

For multiple purchases:-If you would like to order more than one item please calculate the postage weight charge of the heaviest item and then add an extra £1.00 per item. For example:-

If you wish to purchase a Standard Gingham Bag and a Gingham Door Stop,
The total for the order would be £17.50 (£7.50+£10.00)
p&p will be £ 3.50 (£2.50+1.00)
TOTAL TO PAY = £21.00

I can also send by Recorded Delivery for an additional 0.70p.

If you are unsure about p&p charges please feel free to e-mail me for a quote.

I am sure you will be completely happy with your purchase. However in the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied I offer a full refund on goods returned and undamaged within 14 days of receipt.

PAYMENT- Either cheque, postal order or Paypal
Cheques/P.O should be made payable to:-DESPINA GIFTS
and please then send to:-

Debbie White

Phew! Ok my PurpleCoo friends, I think that just about covers everything!

I hope the above is clear and of course if anyone has any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

I thank you all in advance for your interest and assure you of my best attention

So until another day
Bye for now



countrymousie said...

What a propfessional site here young angel. I woulld like to order two shopper bags - I feel outlaw daughter in law ought to sport one around Portsmouth dont you. With Heiress luggging her beanie bags behind her. I will write with details - you ought to be very proud of yourself. xxx

bodran... said...

One bag for me please, cheque will be in the post tomorrow..xx
Elizabethm and i want to meet up with you and sbs and woozle in church stretton or somewhere, how's about it??xx

Suffolkmum said...

I'll email you on your business email at some point over the weekend.

Faith said...

Gosh that is all extremely efficient and well laid out! You've thought of everything. I will make my choice and email you soon. Well done and many thanks indeed!

Julie said...

i hope you got my email about the velvet bag i will send a cheque to you it was the hand bag one xx jep

Julie said...

hello angel i dont know if i got mixed up but the bag was small one different coloured velvet if i have it wrong im sorry i thought you sent a pitcure of one once like a every day bag over the shoulder if im wrong dont worry i probley dreamt it eh xx jep

Greg Crowhurst said...

They all look great - i will email you our order once I have shown Tumbling and we have decided what to have! Bless you for your kind comments on my blog....

Blossomcottage said...

Please could I have one shopper, chequein the post.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

One shopper for me too. All the items are excellent. Congratulations on your success!
I will post the cheque hopefully today, many thanks.
Crystal x

Un Peu Loufoque said...

Oh well done Angel they do look splendid

countrymousie said...

Have sent cheque in post for my order - thanks in advance - love mousie

NIKE said...

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