Monday, 12 May 2008


For reasons I won’t go into right now, I have just returned from a mini break to Glastonbury -three nights and four days of no kids, no workaholic hubby, no hairy yellow Labrador to walk. Just me and my chakra in the land of cider, cheese and King Arthur.

I knew I was in for a whacky time as soon as I walked down an alleyway crammed with esoteric shops-there were large red plastic mushrooms with white spots on and broomsticks propped against the walls.
A barefoot man, naked other than a pair of skimpy shorts ran past me, his long main of unruly hair billowing as he ran. His toned, tanned body was reminiscent of someone off the front of a Mills and Boon Novel or maybe her was a porn star called Troy or Colt?

Exmoor Jane, clearly accustomed to some of the weird ways of the town suggested we meet at “The Speaking Tree” at the bottom of Glastonbury High Street. Once I had got the name-“Talking Clock” out of my head and spotted the Psychic Piglet opposite I had no trouble finding it.

Milla arrived, and our trio, looking more as if we were old friends of 20 years, took refuge from the strong mid day Sun in a cafe called Laluna, which was to become my favourite haunt over the next few days.

Three hours later and we still hadn’t paused for breath but I had to go and collect the keys from my B&B. I didn’t want to cut short our fun and leave the girls to continue a deux, so I dragged them the long walk uphill to check out my home for the next three days.

First impressions didn’t disappoint-It was a stunning house set in beautiful tranquil gardens and Glastonbury Tor visible from most aspects. The owner showed us around. I was fortunate to have been allocated the ‘Dovecote Room’ so called because of a large dove house right outside the window that Faith would have been proud of.

The owner suggested we feel free to hop over the wall to climb up to the Tor. Once we had negotiated the upturned buckets and barbed wire, we were running like Laura Ingles in Little House on the Prairie up the side of the hill towards the summit. Ok, maybe we weren't running...Actually all three of us crawled, at times on all fours, up the vertical hillside-we had only one good leg between the three of us! But we were determined to make it, dodgy knees or not.

The wind came from nowhere and virtually blew our wigs off as we reached our final destination at the peak. We gasped as we were overwhelmed by the panoramic views-(actually we were panting to catch our breath. I realised later it was the only time Milla was quiet all day.) We paused to share a few moments of solitude and contemplation and reflect on how the journey must have been for Joseph of Arimathea.

The views and a single dove fluttering inside were reward enough for our efforts and we talked of Faith and her doves for the second time that day.

After some dodgy directions and what I suspect was the scenic route back to town, by the time we reached the bottom we were parched and ready to attack the tearooms (as well as find a good hairdresser.) All too soon, our delightful day ended and we said our goodbyes, each of us heading our separate ways in search of a bottle of red wine and a Babyliss foot spa.

Glastonbury is a haven for lost souls and unfortunates who probably went there in search of solace and spirituality and instead found drink and drugs. But they are harmless enough with their sad eyes.

However, you will be pleased to know I didn’t join them on the benches outside St John’s Church after I’d eaten my evening meal at the Hawthorns. Instead, it was my good fortune to be heading back to the comfort of the beautiful B&B and the Princess and the Pea bed.

To be continued.....

So until another day
Bye for now


Milkmaid said...

How jealous I am of you having a break away and meeting up with Milla and EJ. The B&B looks wonderful, can't wait for the next installment

Cait O'Connor said...

That was interesting. I can't believe I have never been to Glastonbury. I too am envious of your meeting EJ and Milla and await Part 2 with anticipation.

Pipany said...

Golly it looks windy there! Sounds like you had a great day Angel and as for the notion of three nights and four days of just yourself!!!!! Ohhhh the envy! (But good for you) xxx

Exmoorjane said...

Unbelievably windy! Wonderful account, Angel.....still giggling at us toiling up that hill, and wandering perplexed down lanes going distinctly nowhere. Don't forget to post a pic of that lovely blue flower - would love to know what it was.
Your bed was truly the Princess and the Pea - I've never seen one so high.

Chris Stovell said...

Oh, I'm very envious!

CAMILLA said...

I have always wanted to go to Glastonbury, never been, I may be an OAP, but there still life in the old dog yet.!! I did go to Knebworth years ago, many moons now.

Lovely pics Angel, great that you were able to meet up with the lovely Jane and Milla. Look foward to reading Part 2 Angel.

Milla said...

great to relive it all again D, although must point out to everyone that the reason why Jane and I look quite so attractive is the hellish gale blowing on top of the tor which was bye bye to hairdos.

Westerwitch/Headmistress said...

Sounds like you all had such a lot of fun. And you had a much deserved rest Angel . . .looking forward to reading the rest.

Elizabethd said...

That sounds wonderful, such fun to meeet up, and Glastonbury is always interesting.

Frances said...

How well you have written about that windy day ... thank you for taking all of us along for that marvelous walk.

The photos are so good! I always wondered what Glastonbury might look like and now have a much better idea.

I am also looking forward to part two. xo

Norma Murray said...

Sounds like quite a break.
'Love, light and angels to you all.' (An appropriate greeting I once heard on the streets of Galstonbury)

elizabethm said...

Lucky you, sounds great. And lovely B and B.

snailbeachshepherdess said...

Sounds like a great time ...doesnt that last pic look like Ludlow?

Faith said...

Just caught up with this. It sounds like my sort of break - I was staying in Glastonbury for a couple of days last summer or was it the summer before? Adored the picture of the dove - wonder what it was doing there on its ownsome... maybe representing me! Ha ha. Sounds great, wish I'd been there.