Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Quiet Mousie in Happy Land

Tuesday was my absolute favourite night of the year-The Christmas play, this year-“Happy Christmas in Happy Land,” a charming play written by Quiet Mousies teacher all about a school who are visited by ‘Hector the Inspector,’ an OFSTED Inspector who wants to close the school down.
We have been rehearsing the script in our house for nearly three weeks, my youngest cast as ‘Pork Chop’ and also ‘Mr Slack’ who turns into Santa Claus (you have to be there really.) What amazed me the most was how the children’s personalities have developed and their confidence grown over the last year. His class of twenty children, aged seven to nine years old consummately acted and spoke out loud and clearly to the back of the room and beyond into the car park-a ‘proper’ presentation with oodles of humour and fun woven into a feel good storyline...and there was even a nativity scene in there too.

However the best gag of the show was when Mrs Tick the Teacher was trying to get her husband, Mr Tick out of bed one morning-
Mrs Tick: Henry! Henry! Are you out of bed yet?
Mr Tick: Yes, I’m out of bed, but I don’t really feel like going to school today.
Mrs Tick: But you have to Henry!
Mr Tick : Oh, dear. Why do I have to?
Mrs Tick: Because you’re the headmaster Henry, that’s why!”

Diddley um bum bum.

So until another day
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That sounds great fun, Angel. Love those primary school plays...


Sallys Chateau said...

Me too, you will look back on them with fond memories. Have a peaceful Christmas. xx

Frances said...

Lucky children to have the opportunity to learn how to shine.

Lucky parents to have those children in that class.

Lucky us to have the opportunity to read your review of the play, and to see those marvelous pictures.

Happy Christmas, Angel!

Pondside said...

This makes me want to find a school Christmas play to watch. It's been a while since my children were involved in these, but I loved every one of them.
Great photos!

Elizabethd said...

Children's school plays are such fun, so many memories to keep.

Arcadian Advocate said...

Another great post, it seems so long since mine were at First School. Loved the headmaster joke!
Thanks for your comments and for Purple coo too.
Today is actually my favourite day of the year, my Birthday, and even this landmark one today does not take the shine off a bit of fun and going out for a meal with my family tonight.

elizabethm said...

Great photos and good for quiet mousie for his performance!

Millennium Housewife said...

Our best line was a non line. The shepherd(ess)refusing to say her line because she wanted to be an angel...Ah the best days MH

Marianne said...

I don't have Christmas plays anymore. They have gone from my life for now - maybe when the next generation arrives, if that should ever happen. Enjoy it all, it soon passes and life moves on. Have a lovely Christmas, Angel.

Pipany said...

I love the nativity palys too Angel and have been to 26 so far due to the huge age differences in our children. Hardly get a break! xx

funkymonkey said...

I don't get to see nativity plays now as my son is too old. We do get to see him play his cello in the orchestra and that's lovely in its own way.

Exmoorjane said...

Where are you???? Hopefully writing that novel!