Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My Battle with Black Crows

Sir Winston Churchill was plagued by the black dog. For me, it's black crows. I'm over on The Romaniacs blog with the next in our, 'Life Cycle of a Writer series,' talking about my continuing battle with getting in the 'write mood.'

Hope to see you there


Tattie Weasle said...

Nearly two years of writers block for me...hoping it will clear for 2015! Keep it up and Believe!!

Belinda Roberts said...

Hi I'm Belinda - I found your blog by looking at images of jaw surgery.
Your writing is amazing - I was told on Monday i have to have my jaw joints replaced because of psoriatic arthritis. I have collected 8 autoimmune diseases since the age of 15 so I really feel for you behcets sounds like a real xxxxxx I live near rhayader/newtown wales so i think i maybe will be going to the same unit in Birmingham that you went to. So sorry to hear everything you are going through you really are having a bucket load at the moment. If you need to vent please do get in contact via FB my surname is Roberts. Thinking of you take care Belinda x

Debbie Fuller said...

Thank you Tattie. Sooo true. The belief is still there, just a little buried with life! x

Belinda - I've been trying to find you on FB. Thank you so much for your kind words and for finding me.

Would love to connect on there. Can't find you under Roberts though - I've been searching Powys, Rhayader, Newtown.
Perhaps try and find me? - Debbie Fuller-White Shrewsbury (Church Stretton) Just over the border from you!
Or Google me. I come up quite easily. Also known as Bluestocking Mum.

Sorry to hear you may have to go through similar. Will advise if I can.

Bye for now
Warm wishes
Debbie xx

Belinda Roberts said...

Well done ! I think you have found me on FB - sorry about being so elusive.I'll catch up with you there Belinda xx

Misha Gericke said...

Wow. You've had a MUCH worse year than I have.

I think those crows you're worried about are actually just emotional exhaustion. Although writing is a good way to get through these sorts of things, it's not when you're trying to force the words to come.

I hope that right now, you're focusing on getting back onto your feet. Not to write, necessarily, but to come to terms. To move on. To forgive. I pray this over you. And I pray that you'll find your way forward once more.

Once you do, the words will come as part of the healing process. Just keep going.

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