Saturday, 23 April 2011

'T' is for ... TIME

Do you ever wish there were twenty five hours in a day, or better still, thirty?

When I worked full time in a demanding role and had a small baby I was far more organised and in control than I am these days, being at home all day.

Some days I get up at 4am in the vain hope I might achieve everything, as if stretching a few extra hours will suddenly turn me into a domestic goddess, worlds best mother, and booker prize author, chef, olympic athlete, etc.
I don't ask for much. Only that as well as my domestic and mummy duties, I can get squeeze out all the other things I like to do - writing, baking, swimming, reading, playing my piano, meeting friends...

It's no surprise I don't quite manage it all. In fact, it's as much as I can do some days to get dinner on the table and the family in clean uniform. It must be true what they say about time going quicker as you get older.

As for doing my nails, putting a face pack on, simply sitting and watching TV, well, I have to prioritise. There’s never enough time to do everything. Something has to give. Am I a good mother? Maybe not, but I'm good enough.

I've learnt to prioritise. I try to focus. Conscious of not wasting a precious minute, I naturally gravitate to doing what’s important to me, and what's essential.

I appreciate a large part of my problem is the debilitating effect Behcets disease can have on my health and well-being, and there are times when I’m really fired up and motivated, and can move mountains. However, never quite everything gets ticked on my ‘things to do’ list.

You might say that you find time to do the things you love. But that can’t be strictly true. I crave to play my piano and bake. I’d love to go swimming every day. I’d like to get on with my non-fiction book idea, perhaps write a short story or two, but I can’t seem to do it all. For now, my biggest priority (as well as completing this A-Z challenge) is finishing my current WIP for the
RNA New Writer’s scheme.

So I’d like to ask you – how do you manage your time? Do you get everything done in the day?

And, if there were such a thing as a twenty-five hour day, what would you do with the extra time?

Until another day
Bye for now


Carole Anne Carr said...

You must be joking! Unless I'm really up against it, time and me are no longer the best of friends. :0)

KatieO said...

I agree - most days I wish I had another hour or two or seven to finish everything. Mostly I try to let go of non-important stuff, like dusting ;-)

I'm also visiting to let you know I've passed on The Stylish Blogger Award to you! Just visit my blog to pick up the award and follow the rules -

Happy Easter!

Exmoorjane said...

OMG, I thought I was flexible until I saw that last picture!!!! Hvae been meaning to visit for a while and now I'm here and oh,what a timely (ho ho) post. I used to be Mrs Productive...BIG time. Now I find I faff away so much of the stuff. Sooo, no. No answers. Get off social media is one thing, I suppose! I think the Internet is a VAST timesuck. But, hmmm, just be you, my lovely... Just be you.


Mari G said...

Most of us will identify with what you've said.
I certainly agree that time passes faster as you get older. As for getting up at 4am in the hope of achieving more -just not possible for me anymore, I would be too goddamn tired.
Great post & a brilliant one for 'T'

Linda H. said...

I used to be a perfectionist. Super organized. Super achieving. Thrived on it all. Finally, my boyfriend (now husband) said I had to slow down the pace. Stop being so hard on myself. Take a minute to breathe. Well, years later I fear I have gone the opposite direction. Now I am so laid-back, unorganized.

If I had an extra hour I'd like to say I would use it to organize, but really...I know I would just sit back and enjoy life as best I can. Some things can wait.

Debs Carr said...

Can't believe how bendy the girl in that last picture is!

I'd probably use the hour sleeping, as I rarely go to sleep early and never seem to have enough sleep time.

Murr Brewster said...

I've never done my nails or had them done and haven't worn any makeup since I was sixteen, which was 42 years ago. Now you've made me wonder what I've done with all that time I saved.

I also crave to play piano, do art, garden and write. I've found that at best only any two of them are going to get my attention. I can go months without my music, and then autumn creeps in and brings my Brahms with it. And all is good while my garden turns to crap. Getting everything done is crazy-making. Pick something or two somethings and give it a whirl.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Absolutely identify with your post - I get so much LESS done now that I'm supposed to be mostly writing. It seems to be a truth that the more time we have, the more time we waste. I wouldn't actually want another hour in the day - I'd just like to make best use of thsoe I have!

bayou said...

I must comment on the "T" - my fridge has a magnet and it says: "a clean house is a sign of a wasted life". I had to have that magnet to remind me of certain priorities in life.
When I was stopped working for money, I got numb first. After I came back on surface, I started my blog, thing I would not have managed doing whilst working. I have now a use of time which is by far more relaxed than before because my priorities have changed. There are still many days where I run out of time. It is truely because of my bad time management. Sleeping is clearly a waste of time but sometimes sooo good and when the days go longer, I need less sleep. And EJ is right, the virtual world is consuming a lot of time. Keeping the balance between it all when feeling good is the most important, I think. And enjoy living to the utmost. Every morning now, I look in the mirror and say to myself: "this is MY day. What am I going to do with it?" I had another mantra when working, it was "today is future's beginning".
...will get cracking now, before the day is over ;-)